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Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines are created by us to support our community, further our vision and ensure the right of expression subject to certain reasonable restrictions to ensure the safety of our users. These Guidelines apply to all content on QriteeQ and to all its users equally. We have outlined rules here and in our Terms of Use, however,



not every situation and aspect can be anticipated giving us the right to decide regarding all violations.



Below are the rules that you should follow to avoid violating our Terms:


Posting, receiving, saving or promoting pornographic content on our Platform is strictly prohibited.


We prohibit bullying or harassment of all sorts. You should never try to contact or harass an individual from different accounts and never share their personal information.


Pretending to be someone else by making fake accounts, attempting to deceive others and spreading false information about them is strictly violative of your Agreement.


We prohibit sharing or encouraging dangerous behavior which might include threatening or harming an individual or a group of individuals.


Graphic, self-harm or animal abuse content is strictly not allowed.


Never use our Platform for any illegal activity.


Terrorists, extremists and hate groups are prohibited from using QriteeQ.


There are also some types of sensitive media content that we don’t allow at all, because they have the potential of normalizing violence and causing distress to those who view them.

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