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Will you be liable for anonymously posting objectionable content on the app?


Even if a person is anonymous, the app will not be held liable for any content posted. No content posted on your platform will be held against the app and the app will have no lability against the same.



What happens when user A writes about an unregistered user B? Will user A be liable or will the platform assume responsibility?


Anyone opening the app and using it, despite being registered or not, will be liable for their content. The app will not assume the responsibility for any content posted or feedback shared about any individual.



Who will be liable if User A living in the UK writes about User B living in the US and a lawsuit is filed in the US?


As clarified above, the responsibility and liability will lie on the person who posted objectionable content no matter where he is from.



What will happen if user A writes something about User B whose contact is present in his contact list on his mobile phone?


User A can post his feedback on the wall of any person from his contact list. The received feedback is first reviewed by our Team from the backend after which the same is either rejected or approved. In case the feedback gets approved and is allowed on the wall of the person about whom the feedback is made, the same will be informed to the said person via a WhatsApp text or a text message or via an Email (if the email address in present in the contact detail) or all three.



What will happen if a user below 18 uses the platform and gets involved in some legal issues?


The platform cannot make determine a user’s age and will solely rely on the information provided by you while registering on the app. Every user is prohibited from making any comment about a person below the age of 18 or the approved legal age of the country the person resides.



Making objectionable comments about a minor can be used against you in the Court of Law and worse while the platform will not be held liable.

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