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Privacy Policy

 QriteeQ is an application where its users can post content in the form of messages, comments, suggestions, compliments, questions, or any other kind of information, as long as the said content is legal and free of obscene, objectionable and defamatory (either libel or slander), material. The content should not threaten the rights or infringe the intellectual property rights of other individuals. The content should be free of any malware or viruses or unsolicited comments. Impersonating any other person by the use of fake e-mail addresses or misleading the users is strictly prohibited.


When you use our Services, you will be required to share some information with us in order to help us customize and bring to you the best experience. We, at QritreeQ, would like to be upfront and honest about the type of information we collect, the way we use it, whom we share it with, and the way by which you can edit, change or delete your information.


You should read all the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy, but if you still have any questions, you can email us at or just contact us here.



Type Of Information We Collect


When you register on our App, we collect information provided by you which is important for us to set up your account. Important details like your name, username, email address, contact number and password. Certain details like your username, profile picture and avatar will be made visible to other users for easier interaction subject to your approval.



Users can share any public or private information about themselves or others, given, they have the express permission of the other individual concerned. We collect the content (post/picture) you post on your feed or on that of other users. We also collect the information related to your feedback on other user’s profiles.



Other information collected by us and the reason behind it is as follows:


Information related to the device used by you for accessing the app is collected by us to recognize the language used by you, the battery percentage, time zone, device memory etcetera.


Pictures present in your device as it is necessary for you to be able to send or upload images.


Your contacts so that we can find your friends who are on the app and make it easier for you to find them and connect with them.


Your location or your exact location with your express consent.




The information that you put out on the app can be viewed by other users and can even be copied or saved outside the app. Therefore, it is advisable to not share things on the app that you do not want the world at large to see, save or share.



How We Use the Information


We use the information we collect to verify your identity, check the authentication of your account and protect you from any wrong usage, fraud or unlawful activity.



We use your information to provide you with the best service available by customizing your experience and recommending users that match your liking. We collect these details to help users find each other easily.



These details can be viewed by other users and used by us for advertising or other commercial purposes. Agreeing to these terms, and creating an account on the platform will restrict you for holding us liable for the same.



The information provided by you or the content shared by you will be stored with us for ensuring a smooth functioning of our app. The information collected is stored by us for as long as required in case the law of the land demands the same for the resolution of certain unavoidable and unforeseeable disputes arising between you and our platform.



How We Share Your Information


The information provided by you is shared with all the other users on the platform and anyone can easily access your profile either for free or on the basis of a earn and burn system. Your username, avatar and name will be shared with others along with how you interact with our Services like your ‘feedback receive’ or your ‘feedback posted’.



We also share your information with our advertisers to help customize your ad experience by recommending only the products or services you like and appreciate.


Ad revenue is a major part of our platform’s earning which helps us provide you with new and innovative changes.



How long do we keep your information


We might keep or store the information of the users for as long as we want to in order to:


Address and prevent fraud or security threats.


To protect the safety, security and integrity of the flatform.


To protect the safety of its users or those aggrieved by the acts of its users.



To substantiate our stand regarding the reporting, changing or removal of any account from our platform.


To protect our and our user’s rights.


To comply with the provisions of law contained in respective countries.




How You Can Update or Delete the Information


The information provided by you can be kept with us forever if there is no reason to delete it. However, if you wish to delete it, you can do that from your end restricting other users from being able to view it.



How do we protect your Information


We control user data by using powerful AWS services and tools to determine where your data is stored, how it is secured, and who has access to it. Services such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allow us to securely manage access to AWS services and resources. AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Macie enable compliance, detection, and auditing, while AWS CloudHSM and AWS Key Management Service (KMS) allow you to securely generate and manage encryption keys.



We encrypt data in transit and at rest using keys managed by AWS. We implement consistent and scalable processes to manage privacy, including how data is collected, used, accessed, stored, and deleted.


71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

INCORPORATED: 06 July 2022

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