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Safety Warnings

Our main goal is to advance QriteeQ’s motto for the betterment of the community and bring people closer. We try our best to keep the platform a safe place for its users, however, the same cannot be guaranteed from our end. By using our Services, you agree to comply with our Terms and respect our Community Guidelines or any other policies added by us in the due course of time to help us maintain the safety of our Services.



It is important for you to understand that by using our app or any other social media app, you expose yourself to a world of content. Not everything you come across will be good and unobjectionable. By agreeing to this User Agreement, you agree to keep an open mind to the content you come across on the app. Any content seen by you is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any content you come across in the app and will not be held liable in any scenario. We do not guarantee the validity or genuineness of any content. The entire liability will be on the person who posted such content on our app and will be dealt with accordingly.



In the event you fail to comply, we reserve the right to block, remove or change the content put out by you. We can also proceed to terminate your account or limit and monitor your access.



Our platform has a moderation panel and a backend system which can temporarily hold a user upon reporting of hacking and moderate data as well. You also agree to use our Services in accordance with the law of the country you stay in and never put yourself or others in harm’s way.



How to keep your account secured


Keeping your account secured is a necessary step in order to be able to enjoy its services without risking personal information. Using a strong password coupled with safe and secure third-party connections is the first step in securing your account. You are required to be cautious regarding the kind of third-party connections you make or the kind of network or device you use to access the app. You are also required to take immediate action on receiving suspicious links with possible viruses or malware in them. You are liable for your and your account’s safety and any harm suffered by you on account of your own carelessness.


How to secure a compromised account


Accounts get compromised due to various viruses and malware or when the details have been provided to any third-party applications. Working on a compromised network or system also increases the risk. In such cases, you can notice certain irregularities and abnormalities associated with your account. You might witness any feedback exchange between one or more people. You might notice increase or decrease in your “favorite” list. You might even notice any addition or deletion of content from your wall.



In such cases, it is important for you to take a few immediate steps in order to be able to secure your account and regain its sole access. Steps you can take to correct the situation are as follows:


Change your account’s password to a strong combination of numbers, alphabets and signs to make sure no one can guess it and try to hack your account.


Revoke connections with all third-party applications/connections to stop their access to your account.


Always use a device free of viruses and malware by installing virus scanners.


Always use safe networks, websites and applications and stop downloading products from unsafe websites.



How to get back the access of a hacked account


Hacking in today’s day and age has become a very normal phenomenon which occurs every now and then. However, it is no cause for worry as you can take back the access of your account with a few simple steps and secure it for the unforeseeable future. We can help a user in resetting and retrieving of a profile from the backend as well once an account is reported as being hacked and a email is received by us informing us about the said hacking.


Here are some steps that can be undertaken by you to recover your account:


Reset your password


In case of a hack, you can simply request an otp which will be sent to your registered contact number and easily retrieve your account by changing your password to a very strong combination of alphabets, numbers and signs.



Email us


If the issue remains unsolved, you can simply email your grievance to us on On the receipt of such an email, we will go through the issue and check for any suspicious activities to ensure the credibility of your claims and thereby, help you to retrieve your account at the earliest possibility.



However, it is necessary to note that sometimes it might seem that your account has been hacked when you can’t seem to log in to it, but it might not always be the case. You could have possible forgotten the password or the username. In such cases, it is best not to panic and reset your password.

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