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Terms of Service

Terms of Services


The Service provided to you includes all of QriteeQ’s services, technologies, products, features, and software enabling you to share your unobjectionable feedback about others. The app seeks certain permissions from the user to facilitate the easy access and usage of its services. The platform requires access to your contact details in order to notify the person you shared your feedback about. It is an extremely user-friendly app where you can share your feedback about any individual whose contact details are stored in your mobile phone under various heads like “Opinion”, “True Story”, “Gossip”, “Campaign” or “General Feedback”.



The wall or the home page of every contact in a user’s mobile phone will stay inactive until the user posts feedback about them. Once such feedback is posted, the same will be reviewed by our team and depending on the type of content, it will either be



allowed or be rejected. In case the feedback is rejected in order to prevent the violations of community guidelines, the user will be informed via a notification on the app itself. However, in case the feedback is allowed, the same will be posted on the contact’s wall and the contact will also be notified by our team about the same on their WhatsApp, Email (if mentioned in the contact details) and through text messages. It is true that a basic moderation will be performed by our team before approving any feedback, however, there is always a scope for human error. A few objectionable content might get unnoticed and the same will not be considered the app’s responsibility.



It is to be kept in mind that for legal reasons, the platform takes no responsibility for the kind of content posted by any user. Every user will be responsible for their own content and in the event of any legal issue arising out of the said content, the platform will not be liable.



Who can use the Services


In return for our services, we need you to commit to an age restriction in order for the platform to remain a safe and secure place adhering to the principles of law. No one under the age of 18 or under the minimum legal age in their respective country is allowed to create an account or access the services of QriteeQ. It is also worth mentioning that no user is allowed to give any feedback (objectionable or not) about a Minor.



Using the Products or Services of QriteeQ on behalf of a business or other entity makes you and the said business/entity liable to abide by the terms of this Agreement.



Who can see your content


The content posted by you can be viewed by everyone on the platform as there is no wall separating your account from others. The platform is based on the principle of



openness and being able to share unobjectionable content online and being able to connect with your fellow users. By virtue of this very aspect, it is very important for you to be mindful and step back, think, and thereby post your content. Any objectionable content posted by you can open you to litigation and long drawn court battles.



Rights we retain


We retain the right to use the content you create, upload, send, receive or save. We do not claim ownership of the said content, the content remains yours but you grant us a license to use it. Sharing or posting content using our Services covered by Intellectual property rights gives us a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, store, edit, modify, publish, run, copy, or use your content in whichever way is necessary. The applicability of the License will depend on your use of our Services and the Settings selected by you. The License gives us the right to pass on the content and the related rights to services providers with whom we have a contractual relationship solely for the purpose and intent of providing you with the Services. The License will stand cancelled as soon as the content is deleted from our systems.



We and our partners retain the right to place advertisements near, between, in or over your content depending on the information we possess about you.



We retain the right to use your username, profile picture, avatar and other actions related to your account in accordance with the permissions you provide us. Such information will only be used to enhance our Services and provide you with the best services by respecting your Settings and controls.



We retain the right to change or remove your username or profile picture if we find it inappropriate or inconsistent with our Platform’s motto or Community Guidelines.




We retain the right to review, screen or delete your content if it goes against our Community Guidelines and violates our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy from time to time. However, the only person responsible for the censored content will be you and we have no liability regarding the same. Posting or creating irresponsible content will make you liable under the appropriate law operating in your country.



You are welcome to send us your feedback on how you appreciate our Services or suggestions on how we can improve the platform, however, using the feedback is our prerogative and we are not liable to compensate you. You agree that we will own all rights to items or materials we develop based on your feedback or suggestions.



We retain the right to download and install updates to the Application on your device. We can refuse to provide you with our Services if you continue to cause problems for us by violating our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines. However, if you believe that your account was disabled due to certain error on our part, you can contact our Help Centre which will walk you through the entire process and make it easier for you to get it back.



Express Prohibitions on your Part


You cannot engage in inappropriate, unlawful, untasteful, misleading or fraudulent acts while using QriteeQ.



You cannot violate or encourage others to violate the Terms of this Agreement or our Community Guidelines. You are required to comply with our Terms and conduct yourself and the content you put out accordingly.



You cannot provide inaccurate or fake information to create your account and misuse our services. You must adhere to our policies and guidelines by providing us with accurate and up-to-date personal information.



You cannot upload sensitive media content that may promote violence, and distress to those who view them.



You cannot impersonate someone by entering their information for making a fake account and violate the said person’s privacy. You cannot leak their personal information without their consent or threaten them somehow. You cannot create several accounts in an unauthorized way without our express consent.



You cannot transfer your rights or obligation to any third party under this Agreement without our express permission. However, our rights and obligations can be assigned to a third party if the ownership of the platform changes.



You cannot create more accounts for yourself if your original/initial account has been disabled by us for stopping you from accessing our services through unauthorized applications or for stealing or misusing the credentials of other users.



You cannot upload or attempt to upload viruses or other malicious software to try to compromise, bypass or circumvent the security of our Services.



The users cannot submit, post or display any video content on or through our Services that includes any third-party advertising, such as a pre-roll video, advertisements or sponsorship graphics, without our prior consent.


Liability in the event of certain occurrences


We cannot guarantee that our Service will be safe and secure all the time and that it will be perfect at all times. This is in pursuance of events that are outside our control and certain glitches in the tech world are not an unknown phenomenon. We disclaim all warranties, both express and implied. QriteeQ as a platform is striving to bring people and communities together. People from all walks of life with different opinions and perspectives.



We moderate the content on the platform but it is necessary to understand that we do not approve of every message contained in the content posted on the platform. Moderation on our part only coincides with removing vulgar and unprofessional content. It shall not be assumed that removing any disrespectful or hurtful content posted on the platform is our responsibility. The liability regarding each and every content put on the internet via our App will solely fall on the user making it.



The platform cannot regulate each and every action of billions of people or foresee future events. However, on the occurrence of certain events where objectionable content that has the potential of hurting the feelings of any other person or entity and violating the community guidelines, proper steps have been put in place for addressing the grievance of the affected person. Such a user can be ‘flagged’ on the App directly or by writing to us. The user’s account and activities will be reviewed by us in due time and decisions will be taken accordingly.



We cannot be held liable in case you submit content that is not owned by you or without obtaining the express consent of the person who owns it. It is your responsibility to ensure that you own that content or have obtained the permission of the person who does own it.



We cannot control the actions of every single user and thereby, cannot be held liable for their actions, conduct or content. Our responsibility regarding the Service is limited as much as the law will allow. We cannot be held responsible for the impacts that follow the unauthorized actions of a particular user or a group of users. You agree that we won’t be responsible for any lost profits, revenues, information or any other consequential or incidental damages arising out of these Terms.



Modification of the Services and the Agreement


Our Services are being improved every day for making it more reliable and accessible. We are creating and adding new products and features almost every day. We also reserve the right to terminate the QriteeQ altogether at any hour and will not be held responsible for the losses incurred by you due to the said closure.



We may also change these Terms to accurately reflect our Service and Policies. We will try to notify you before taking any such above-mentioned actions but this won’t always be possible. However, we will try to give you enough time to review these changes before they go into effect. If you continue to still use the Service, you will be bound by the updated Features and Terms. If you do not want to agree to these or any updated Terms, you can delete your account.



Earn and burn system


Earn and burn system is a fun way introduced to incorporate the reward method. Every user has the autonomy to earn as many coins as they desire by giving referrals or feedbacks. However, this money can also be easily spent by trying to view comments on other user’s posts or for viewing the number of times a user has been reported. The coins in question have no value outside the game and is a mere feature introduced to make the app a fun experience.


Handling of Disputes


You are welcome to send us your concerns or questions and our Support team will try to resolve them at their earliest convenience. However, in case we are unable to resolve your issue or concern, you may

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